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ORTHO dog bed - TEDDY

ORTHO dog bed - TEDDY

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Covered with trendy bouclΓ©, the TEDDY dog bed is absolutely on trend! The exclusive dog bed impresses in terms of design, functionality, quality and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The price includes 2 mattresses - the thickly padded ECO COMFORT mattress and the LABONI OrthoMattress, an innovative high-tech mattress made of special foam that offers many advantages over conventional orthopedic mattresses made of visco foam. Whether for preventative care in young dogs or to provide relief for older dogs - the LABONI OrthoMattress is ideal for preventing joint problems and further damage when diagnosed with osteoarthritis, hip joint dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED) or complaints caused by wear and tear of the spine (spondylosis). But every healthy dog ​​also appreciates the comfortable lying comfort.

- Faster recovery - direct support and relief when the dog moves
- Greater breathability - important as dogs cannot sweat
- Always adapts perfectly to the body, not dependent on the temperature like Visco
- Better freedom of movement - no annoying memory effect as there is no uncomfortable lying trough
- Premium mattress made from special foams - no flake residue

BouclΓ© is a luxurious fabric that looks and feels like classic wool but has the strength and durability of polyester with over 100,000 rubs. It is characterized by loops of yarn that come together to create a characteristic texture. This cozy and comfortable dog bed is a must for the cold winter months. The cover can be easily removed using an internal zipper and is machine washable at 40Β°C.
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