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Gorillz Casper - invisible - Floating - Hidden Bookshelf - White

Gorillz Casper - invisible - Floating - Hidden Bookshelf - White

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The floating bookshelf

Casper is a bookshelf and this shelf has the effect that the books float when they hang against the wall. This floating bookshelf is ideal for storing your books in a fun and creative way. The bookend is easy to attach to the wall. This invisible bookshelf is super fun to store your books. The effect is special, people who come across the floor will wonder how it is possible that the books float.

Why use a bookend?

Almost everyone has books at home, whether they are cookbooks, travel books, reading books or children's books. This invisible bookshelf can easily store all your books in a fun and original way. The books are placed on the L-shaped wedge of metal. a small clip will clamp around the of your book and this will keep the books in place on the invisible bookshelf. You can now use books as decoration. With the floating bookend you can also clearly see which books you have in your collection. It is clear and you can easily pick up the book you are going to read. Everyone has a few books at home, use this special shelf to store the books in a trendy way.

Kids room bookshelf

This invisible shelf for books is also very nice for children's rooms. It gives a kind of magical effect. It seems that the books float, for children this is very interesting to see. It can of course also be used as a decoration for a room. The Children's Bookshelf is great fun for children who love to read. If the books are stored in the cupboard, children cannot really see the books very well. If the books are present in the room in a fun way, as is possible with this invisible shelf, children will read more often.

This shelf is ideal for storing books in an original way. It can be easily mounted on a wall. The effect of the books floating is fun, especially for children. Almost everyone has a bookcase, so it's a bit boring to store your books in it. A solution to this problem is to use this invisible bookshelf. Hang a shelf in the kitchen for cookbooks, a shelf in the nursery for children's books, and a shelf in the living room for reading books.

Product information

Trendy hidden bookshelf
Material: steel
Including the mounting material
Easy to confirm
Carrying capacity up to 6 kilos
Dimensions: 11x11x18cm
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